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Breath Prayers

September is an especially busy month, with all sorts of new activities blowing into our lives like a rushing wind. One of the best ways I've found to access God's peace when that wind of busyness blows is to say breath prayers.

Breath prayers consist of simple phrases or sentences that you can pray in just one breath. You say the first part of a breath prayer while inhaling, and the last part while exhaling. Some examples: "Your peace please, God," "What should I do, God?”, “God, I need to feel your love”, and "Dear God, please help me."

In Wake Up to Wonder, I describe how prayer is an opportunity rather than an obligation. I show how you can (and should) enjoy prayer, rather than feel as if it's a chore. Breath prayers are easy to pray in the middle of any stressful moment. By saying a breath prayer, you can quickly shift your focus away from stress and toward God -- and in the process, you can discover wonder. Learn more about breath prayers in my Thrive article "How to Trade Stress for Peace through Breath Prayers" and in my article "3 Simple and Powerful Prayers for Beginners."

This month, take a deep breath as often as you can, and let each pause remind you that you're deeply and unconditionally loved by a God of wonder! Then connect with God through breath prayers whenever you need to experience the wonder of God's peace.




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