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Encouragement from Angels

God sometimes sends angels to answer our prayers for encouragement. In my book Wake Up to Wonder, I tell the story of how God worked through an angel to give me lifesaving encouragement and strength at the Grand Canyon. The words the angel spoke to me then – “You can do it, Whitney” – have boosted my confidence ever since. While God encourages me regularly after I pray, God sent an angel on that occasion when paying attention was critical to surviving a crisis. You can count on God’s messengers the angels to show up when you need them. Often, they’re working behind the scenes – and the guardian angel that God has assigned to you is the one who is most likely to help answer your prayers. But it’s always possible that you’ll meet an angel in a way you can recognize. If there’s a special purpose for that to happen, you may be blessed with the wonder of an angelic encounter. Whether or not you ever meet an angel, you can ask God for angels’ behind-the-scenes help whenever you need encouragement. Angels can send you feelings of peace and contentment in the midst of stressful situations. They can assure you of God’s great love for you. Angelic messengers can send you thoughts that clarify your God-given purpose and guide you toward God’s will. Angels can encourage you to stand up for your values, use your God-given talents, and boldly take action to work to make our world a better place!


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