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Looking Forward to Wonder at the 2024 Summer Olympics and Beyond

Image by Dan Onaca,

It’s almost time for the 2024 Summer Olympics! The Olympics are a celebration of strength, potential, and goodwill around the world. Olympic athletes are often inspired by wonder. They experience wonder in transcendent moments when they give their absolute best to the work they love, and when they see what’s truly possible as a result. Many athletes are people of faith who also find wonder by noticing God’s presence with them, empowering them in every situation. Wonder is a powerful force that drives athletes to push their limits and achieve the extraordinary. It sparks curiosity, fuels passion, and motivates Olympians to pursue excellence. As we prepare to watch the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, let’s allow a sense of wonder to fuel our anticipation and inspire us.

Olympians are curious explorers. They constantly seek new ways to improve, experiment with different techniques, and explore the boundaries of their capabilities. This relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth is rooted in wonder. As we watch the games, we can cultivate our own sense of curiosity as lifelong learners. Whether we travel somewhere new, read a new book, or take a class to learn a new skill, we can find wonder as we learn.

The journey to the Olympics is a testament to the power of wonder-driven perseverance. Athletes train tirelessly, overcoming obstacles and setbacks, all fueled by a deep sense of wonder about what they can achieve. This drive for excellence is not limited to sports. In our daily lives, we can harness the same sense of wonder to pursue our goals, no matter how daunting they may seem. By setting our sights high and remaining dedicated, we can achieve remarkable accomplishments.

Olympic moments are filled with wonder. These moments – from unexpected victories to displays of inspiring sportsmanship – captivate our hearts and minds. They remind us of the beauty of human potential and the joy of shared experiences. Whether we witness an incredible athletic achievement or a simple act of kindness, we can enjoy these wondrous moments and let them remind us of the goodness in our world.

The Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect can also lead us to wonder as we follow those values in our own lives, just like the Olympic athletes do. We can pursue excellence by approaching every task with a sense of wonder about what we can achieve, setting high standards, and remaining committed to continuous improvement. We can pursue friendship by wondering about other people’s stories, getting to know them, and building friendships based on mutual caring and understanding. We can pursue respect by appreciating the unique talents and perspectives that each person brings as a valuable member of God’s worldwide family with us.

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As we eagerly await the 2024 Summer Olympics, let's remember that wonder is not just for athletes. It's for all of us. By embracing wonder in our daily lives, we can achieve our own version of the extraordinary!




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