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The Wonder of Dreams: Encouragement

Encouragement is one of the most common messages that God sends through dreams. In an encouragement dream, you receive peace, courage, or confidence. If you’re facing a troubling situation, an encouraging dream can give you the peace you need to stop worrying about it. If you’re challenged to make a decision or take action on something, this type of dream can motivate you to step out in faith with courage and confidence. Encouragement dreams remind you that, if you reach out to God for help in any circumstances, you can count on receiving the help you need.

While preparing for a series of high-stakes job interviews, I often prayed for encouragement. God answered by sending me a series of encouraging dreams. Even though I had carefully prepared an extensive presentation for several panels of people, I was quite nervous. As an introvert, I found public speaking especially difficult, and the thought of speaking for several hours in a situation with so much pressure terrified me. I turned my worries into prayers, and then experienced dreams in which I saw and heard myself successfully interviewing with the people I would soon be facing in my waking life. I woke up from those dreams with a strong feeling of peace. If I could get through the interviews with boldness and confidence in my dreams, I could do so in the meetings as well, I believed – and I did! I’m sure those dreams helped me land the job.

Wake Up to Wonder describes many different ways that God can encourage you, including through dreams. It shares the story of a famous Olympic athlete who attributed his success in a hurdling race to an encouragement dream. Edwin Moses experienced dreams with numbers showing the race’s date and his running time. Those dreams gave Moses the peace and confidence he needed to run well, he said. In that race, Moses ended up breaking a world record!

What type of encouragement do you need right now? Ask God to send you an encouraging message. Then pay attention to your dreams, where wonder can lead you to notice God’s answers to your prayers.


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