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The Wonder of Dreams: Symbols – Colors, Shapes, and Numbers

Dreams are full of awe-inspiring symbols. By representing deep and often profound messages in simple ways, symbols help us make connections for learning and spiritual growth. Some symbols have a personal meaning for us; others have a universal meaning that speaks to us. Common dream symbols include colors, shapes, and numbers.

In one dream I had about a conversation with some family members, everyone and everything in the dream was brown – as if I was seeing it all through a brown screen. It was a muddy brown that evoked mud. The conversation in my dream was a frustrating one, in which we awkwardly muddled through, never really getting anywhere productive with our discussion. It seemed like we were stuck in relationship “mud”. That muddy brown dream reflected misunderstanding between us in real life. The color of that dream brought my attention to just how stuck we were and motivated me to prayerfully take the steps that were necessary to move forward.

I’ve also had recurring dreams about a set of numbers that represented the house numbers from a childhood home. The fact that my old house number kept popping up in my dreams inspired me to pray about what it might mean. It turned out that I had some unresolved feelings relating to the time I lived there, after my parents’ divorce. After I paid attention to those feelings and processed them with God’s help, I found the healing that I needed.

What colors, shapes, or numbers have appeared in your dreams? If any of those symbols stand out from dreams you can recall, there’s likely some symbolic significance to them. Ask God to help you interpret the symbolism so you can understand the meaning of your dreams well.

Consider what personal associations you have with those specific colors, shapes, or numbers. Whatever connections they have to your waking life can act as clues to their meanings in your dream.

Then consider the universal symbolism of those colors, shapes, or numbers – the meanings that have developed throughout world history and that cross cultural boundaries. For instance, the color green symbolizes nature, while a star shape represents success. You can easily find the meaning of universal symbols in a dream dictionary.

In Wake Up to Wonder, you can find information on the various ways God may communicate through dreams. God may use symbols like colors, shapes, or numbers in those dream messages.

Don’t discount the value of colors, shapes, and numbers that appear in your dreams. They may be pointing you toward messages that can help you learn and experience wonder along the way!


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