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The Wonder of Dreams: Symbols – Common Types of Dreams

Do you dream about falling or flying? Are you exploring a house, driving a car, or taking a test in your dreams? Certain dream situations can represent common types of spiritual symbolic meaning. The wonder you experience in your dreams can inspire you to learn what messages they have for you. Here are common types of dreams, with interpretations from dream dictionaries:

  • Car dreams: Dreaming about cars symbolizes the direction in which your life is moving forward. Car dreams relate to your purpose and decisions. If you’re the driver in a car dream, the message may relate to leadership, as well.

  • Chase dreams: If you dream about being chased, that can mean you feel vulnerable or stressed about something. Running away represents trying to escape from your circumstances.

  • Falling dreams: Falling in a dream indicates fear. Dream that you’re falling may symbolize anxiety you have about losing control or letting go of a situation in your life.

  • Flying dreams: Dreaming about flying often means that you’re longing for more freedom and excitement. As you experience the thrill of flying unrestrained in a dream, you’re expressing those desires beyond the limitations of your waking life.

  • House dreams: Houses represent your soul in dreams. If you’re dreaming of exploring a house, notice the condition of it. Is it a welcoming home, or does it need repairs? The nature of a dream house may relate to the condition of your soul. In house dreams, it’s also important to pay attention to the rooms you’re in, since different rooms may symbolize different messages. A kitchen can represent cooking up a solution to a problem, for instance. Houses in your dreams may also evoke childhood memories.

  • Missing an appointment or event dreams: If you dream about missing something important – such as a flight, work appointment, or an event with friends and family – that may indicate a fear of missing out on valuable experiences. These types of dreams challenge you to take action on the opportunities God has placed in your life.

  • School dreams: Dreaming about being in school can represent trying to learn an important lesson, or to understand yourself more in general. If you’re taking a test in a school dream, that can mean you’re feeling pressure to perform well, or that you want to overcome failure and succeed. Certain grade levels in school can symbolize maturity levels.

I’ve experienced most of those types of dreams. For example, I once had a series of recurring dreams in which I explored a huge house, opening doors to various rooms along the way. Often, I encountered unused rooms full of unpacked boxes. I wanted to open the boxes, yet I never did. Instead, I reluctantly closed the doors to each one of those intriguing rooms. God helped me interpret the meaning of those recurring house dreams after I prayed them. The unopened boxes symbolized unused talents during that time in my life. After learning the significance of the recurring dreams, I was inspired to seek new opportunities to use all the talents God had given me. The dreams stopped once I was fully using my talents again.

As Wake Up to Wonder explains, the process of interpreting different dream scenarios can inspire awe. In dreams, your soul can explore beyond the boundaries of time and space, which constrain your perception in waking life. Valuable spiritual messages can emerge from any type of dream as you reflect on them and pray about them.


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