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The Wonder of UFOs

UFOs can lead us to wonder, if we respond to them with faith in our universal God rather than fear of the unknown. Mysteries such as UFOs call us to step out of our comfort zones with a willingness to learn. The U.S. government report on unidentified aerial phenomena (popularly known as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs) has sparked lots of interest in the possibility that extraterrestrials may be visiting our planet. Whether or not that’s happening – and if so, who those visitors are – it is awe-inspiring to ask questions that UFO-related videos and documents raise.

In Wake Up to Wonder, I describe a UFO tour my family and I took in the Arizona desert. Wearing night vision goggles, we could see the sky in great detail. A bright light caught our attention as it moved through the sky with speeds and maneuvers distinctly different from human aircraft or satellites. After our guide encouraged us to aim laser pointers in its direction, the light seemed to respond to us by growing larger and brighter. Reflecting on that experience, I wondered if that UFO had been a type of extraterrestrial who travels between dimensions regularly and often appears in the form of light: an angel. Angels are light beings who are constantly going back and forth between heavenly and earthly dimensions. Whenever their energy vibration slows down enough to fall within the range of human vision, angels can appear as UFOs. Discussing that theory with my tour guide was fascinating. She said she thinks many sightings of mysterious lights could likely be angels traveling.

Sometimes UFOs aren’t mysterious lights, however. Sometimes they are aircraft that seem capable of moving in ways that our human aircraft cannot move. UFO expert Luis Elizondo, who led a team of UFO investigators for the U.S. Department of Defense, describes those distinct differences in terms of “the 5 observables”: anti-gravity lift (such as flying without wings), sudden and instantaneous acceleration, hypersonic velocities without signatures, low observability (cloaking), and transmedium travel (traveling seamlessly between different environments, such as air and water). Who is operating these mysterious aircraft? Are we really being visited by extraterrestrials from other planets? While that may sound farfetched at first, it is statistically likely that alien life exists in our vast universe. Scientists currently estimate that more than 1 trillion galaxies – each containing many planets – exist in the observable universe. It makes sense that some of those many planets are inhabited by non-human intelligent life.

Where is God in all of this? God created, and loves, all life throughout the universe. Our cosmic God has no limits. As Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, “… with God all things are possible.” Our faith in God can grow stronger through awe as we explore UFOs with openness and wisdom. Read my article “What Can the Bible Tell Us about Mysteries Like Aliens and UFOs?” to learn more.

The UFO phenomenon is a mystery worth exploring. Along the way, we can experience great wonder!


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