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Welcome to the Wake Up to Wonder Blog

This new blog will wake you up to the wonder that God wants you to enjoy. Wonder keeps hope alive by enlarging our perspective.

Experiencing wonder is essential to living well. Research shows that there are many powerful well-being benefits of awe (a synonym for wonder) – from less stress to more joy. The Bible also shows how God – the source of all wonder – has created us to experience wonder. God “performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:9).

As we’re dealing with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, wonder is especially vital for our well-being. Wonder keeps hope alive by enlarging our perspective. When we experience wonder, we can look beyond our circumstances to God, who is greater than those circumstances. Wonder prevents our lives from shrinking down to the level of our stress. It encourages us to have faith that we can transcend that stress through relationships with God.

In this time of social distancing, wonder shows us how God has designed us to be connected to each other no matter what. Wonder lifts us away from a small focus on only our own concerns. Wonder gives us a greater focus on how we each play an important part in God’s work in our world. Many wonderful acts of caring and ingenuity are happening, as we find creative ways to help each other during this challenging time. Wonder is in action whenever we pray for people, shop for neighbors, call loved ones, or find an innovative solution to a logistical problem. Wonder is at work when we use our God-given talents – from scientists who are searching for a coronavirus vaccine and treatments, to entrepreneurs who are using their businesses to serve the common good.

There is plenty of bad news during this crisis, but there is also plenty of good news because wonder is still a part of our world. Even a pandemic can’t stop wonder from happening. A life full of wonder is a gift that God offers to us all.

Yet it’s easy to miss out on experiencing wonder when we’re focused only on surviving rather than thriving. Stress and fear can block our awareness of the everyday miracles God has hidden in plain sight around us.

How often do you actually notice the wonder that’s happening around you? This new blog will show you how to develop awe for God and enjoy a life full of wonder. It will wake you up to the wonder that God wants you to enjoy on a regular basis.

Join me for the journey to wonder! I’m grateful to have connected with many of you who have read my inspirational writing over the years. I thank God for how often I see people experiencing wonder in ways that empower them to thrive. If you’re new to this journey, welcome – and I look forward to connecting with you.

Beyond this blog, you can enjoy a comprehensive guide to enjoying wonder in my book Wake Up to Wonder, from Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. The pages of Wake Up to Wonder are filled with inspiring stories, biblical wisdom, and scientific research that show why experiencing wonder is vital and how it’s possible to do so anytime and anywhere!

We always have something to celebrate, because God is constantly giving us wonder. Let’s keep looking beyond the stress of our current circumstances to our God of hope!


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