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What Are You Wondering?: Lifelong Learning

What are you wondering about right now? You can experience wonder regularly by learning more each day about whatever sparks your curiosity. Lifelong learning and seeking experiences of awe work together in a wondrous cycle. Both pursuits expand our perspectives, so learning leads to wonder while wonder leads to learning. In Wake Up to Wonder, I describe research that links lifelong learning and awe. "Learner" is one of my personal strengths, according to the CliftonStrengths test from Gallup. That strength involves a great desire to learn and continuously improve, as well as being excited by the process of learning rather than just the outcome of it. I try to make learning a high priority in my schedule each day – and that has led me to countless encounters with wonder. Questions are constantly running through my mind, and there simply isn’t enough time for me to learn everything that interests me. However, I make time regularly to read books, watch documentaries, travel, listen to people’s stories, etc. – and ask God to help me turn that knowledge into wisdom. Are there particular topics you’d like to start exploring? One topic I want to learn more about soon is quantum computing. I’ve often been inspired by what quantum physics reveals about energy and matter in our universe. The possibilities that exist with quantum computing are astounding. Any topics that intrigue and inspire you can lead you to wonder when you learn more about them.

Jesus, who people often called "Rabboni" (a master teacher) during his earthly life, invites us to learn from him when he says in Matthew 11:29: "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls" (emphasis added). Our minds open to the wonder of God's work in our world as we learn from him. Each new day God gives us is filled with opportunities he gives us to learn. The more we take advantage of those opportunities, the more wonder we can experience!


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