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Wonder Walks that Inspire You

It’s possible to find awe on a wonder walk in a variety of ways. By looking for something simple that inspires you while walking, you may discover experiences of profound awe.

As you head out on your wonder walk, start with prayer. Ask God to guide you to an awe-inspiring experience. As you walk back after you've encountered something inspirational, reflect on it through meditation to learn from it.

Discovering inspiration on a physical walk can build your confidence in your spiritual walk with God. As you step into your future, you can trust in God’s promise from Jeremiah 29:11 that his plans are “to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I once walked into a rescue scene in progress: firefighters rescuing a kitten from a tree. One firefighter strapped on a harness while another maneuvered a tall ladder on their red fire truck into position. Then, as a large group of neighbors watched, the one with the harness climbed a ladder to coax the young cat into his arms. I watched and chatted with someone who told me the kitten had chased a squirrel high up the towering tree but then panicked about coming back down. The fire department agreed to help after the homeowners tried for hours, without success, to reach their little pet and bring him down to safety. That heartwarming scene of compassion, kindness, and community spirit in action gave me hope. Rescues like this aren’t just for bygone eras, I thought as inspiration welled up within me. People still care enough today to make a great effort for a tiny, frightened kitten. When the firefighter and kitten reached the ground, cheers rang out from the crowd. I felt like time stopped during those moments of celebration, while wonder filled my soul. Years later, when my own cat needed rescuing from a tree, the inspiration I experienced on that walk helped me stay hopeful. Someone from a tree service rescued our cat successfully -- on a dark night, in the middle of a storm with wind and rain!

You never know what you’ll find on a wonder walk. However, setting a goal of looking for inspiration trains your mind to pay attention to the extraordinary wonder in your ordinary surroundings. Then you’re bound to find something that uplifts your soul and makes you feel awe.

Learn more about wonder walks in my book Wake Up to Wonder.

How has inspiration led you to experience awe on a walk?


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