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Wonder Walks that Surprise You

While taking a wonder walk – a walk where you intentionally search for awe along the way – you never know what you’ll discover, so every wonder walk is an adventure of surprise. However, there are different ways you can plan to look for awe on a wonder walk. Setting a goal of being surprised can help you head out with a curious mind and an open heart.

A prayer in Isaiah 64:3 notes that God “did awesome things which we did not expect.” God can surprise us with wonder anytime and anywhere.

One early morning, I spent the first part of my wonder walk in prayer, as I always do. I was feeling dragged down by the weight of my to-do list for the day ahead, so I asked God for a fresh perspective. Then I looked around for something surprising to spark awe in my soul. It didn’t take long to find it.

In the distance, I could see a neighbor bent over something that was wriggling around on the ground beside a mailbox, taking pictures of it with his cell phone. “It’s a blue crab!” the neighbor exclaimed in wonder when I got closer. We don’t naturally see crabs in our neighborhood, which is hundreds of miles from the closest beach. The neighbor and I tried to solve the mystery of how the crab came to visit. Seeing a boat parked in a nearby driveway, we surmised that the marine creature hitched a long distance ride on it. The crab, which was using its claws to dig into the soil and burrow underground, may have been just as surprised as we were.

When we’re surprised, we become more alert to our surroundings. That helps us discover the unexpected wonder around us.

Learn more about wonder walks in my book Wake Up to Wonder.

How have you been surprised on a walk and found awe in the process?


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