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Find Winter Wonder

This month brings us winter wonder in all its glory – from the peaceful beauty of nature in winter to the thrilling adventures of athletes competing at the Winter Olympics.

My family and I recently took a wonder walk in a national park, where the trail was covered with snow. As sunlight shone down on the frozen water crystals in the snow, the snow sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow. We saw specks of color everywhere we looked on the snow’s surface, and the light show continued with every step we took along the trail. Despite having taken numerous snowy hikes before, we had never before seen snow catch the light in that way. It was a wonderful surprise!

Even during winter, when parts of nature are dormant, we can find simple yet profound experiences of wonder waiting for us outside. Winter is an especially peaceful time to pursue wonder in nature. So, don’t hesitate to venture outdoors a bit in the cold this month.

I’m excited to watch the Beijing Olympics this February, and hope you are too. As we watch skiers race, skaters dance, and more, we can experience all sorts of wonder. Here are 5 ways the Olympics can lead us to wonder:

1. The Olympics spotlight the global human family that God has wonderfully made.

2. The Olympics highlight the wonder that can happen when God’s people use their time and talents to the fullest.

3. The Olympics show the wonder of how faith in God inspires people to overcome fear.

4. The Olympics display the wondrous power of God’s grace at work in each moment.

5. The Olympics reveal the wonderful benefits of purpose and perseverance in the race of faith.

Learn more in my article on Olympic wonder. In Wake Up to Wonder, I share the story of how I missed the Olympic flame when it passed right by my office, because I was working when I should have made time for wonder instead. Ever since that happened during a previous Olympics, I’ve made it a priority to pay attention to the many moments of awe that the Olympics bring. I hope you can also make time to enjoy the Olympics and let them inspire you.

This month, look for moments of winter wonder in both peaceful and adventurous experiences, and let them speak to your soul!




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