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Your Wonderful Senses: Hearing

Our physical sense of hearing can help us spiritually tune into the wonder around us. Listening to music is an especially powerful way of experiencing awe. Music is truly a universal language. It resonates in our souls at a primal level, evoking and expressing emotions that go beyond words. In Wake Up to Wonder, I describe research into how music can improve our well-being and lead us to wonder. Instrumental jazz music is playing in the background as I write this blog. Rather than writing in quiet, I write while listening to music because the sounds inspire awe, which fuels my creative process. As long as the background music doesn’t have lyrics, any genre of music works well – from classical to electronic trance. My son introduced me to computer game background music, which features many talented composers. I love to sing and dance, as well. For years, I sang in school, college, and church groups. Now I sing informally. I’m one of those people you see singing in their cars while stopped at traffic lights, oblivious to how silly they look. My favorite type of exercise is Zumba, which is essentially a dance party that happens to be good for fitness.

Since music is a wonderful way to worship God, I often incorporate music into my prayers. Praising God through music on a regular basis can help you discover wonder regularly. My article “5 Ways to Use Music to Praise God on the Go” presents ideas for doing so. Music is a wondrous part of heaven, and when we worship with music here on earth, we can experience awe that reminds us of the ultimate praise experience: celebrating with God, the angels, and other souls in heaven.

Whenever you need a fresh experience of wonder, you can find it simply by making time to listen to music. How can you incorporate more music into your life to start enjoying more wonder?


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