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Discover Wonder through Lakes

Looking into a lake is a beautiful reminder of the importance of reflection for experiencing wonder. The water’s calm surface mirrors our reflection back to us, inspiring us to consider how we’re really doing at that time. Underneath the surface of lakes, water runs deep — just like the workings of the body’s cells and the soul’s thoughts and emotions.

Lakes promote reflection in powerful ways. Lake water’s reflective qualities draw our attention to how the Holy Spirit renews our minds and guides us. Just as a lake’s reflection gives us a clear view of ourselves as look into it, the Spirit shows us an accurate perspective on our lives. The wonder of gazing into a lake can inspire us to seek the Spirit’s guidance and help for greater clarity, purity, and wisdom in our lives.

Since our bodies are made up of so much water (between 60 and 70 percent for most adults), the water in our cells even resonates with the energy of the water molecules we encounter at lakes. As we pray near water, we welcome God’s work in both our souls and our bodies. The late Masaru Emoto, who conducted fascinating scientific research into how water molecules change in response to positive thoughts like prayer, wrote in his book The Secret Life of Water that when you look at water prayerfully, you can “discover that water takes you to another world where you will feel the water within you being washed clean … it will heal you at your core.”

One of my favorite lakes is Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Crater Lake, which is one of the deepest lakes in the world, is 1,943 feet deep. It’s also one of the clearest lakes on Earth, with water that comes from pristine rain and snow. The lake’s water is such a deep, pure blue that simply the sight of it inspires awe. This wonderful lake is just one of many on the planet, though. There are lakes of all shapes and sizes dotting the landscape for us to visit to reflect on our lives.

So, you won’t have to travel far to find a lake to visit for some refreshing reflection whenever you can make time for it. Afterward, let your lake time motivate you to reflect on your life every day — perhaps when you first get up in the morning, or just before you go to sleep at night (when you’re less distracted and more relaxed). What situation in your life right now could you understand more clearly if you went to a lake to reflect on it, and pray about it? What decision are you trying to make that you could make with more confidence if you reflected on it prayerfully? Learn more about how to use water as a tool for spiritual renewal in Wake Up to Wonder.


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