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Finding Inspiration from Nature for Our Work

One day I took a wonder walk – a walk to intentionally look for awe – when I needed a break from dealing with a challenging work problem. I had to find a solution soon, but I was frustrated and out of ideas. While walking, I encountered a chameleon lizard basking in the sun. It was a light green color when I first saw it. But as it turned to look at me – apparently surprised and feeling threatened – it turned dark brown. The lizard’s color transformation took only about 10 seconds. It was stressed, just like me. However, it found a way to adapt quickly. Experiencing that simple wonder in nature encouraged me to use my own natural, God-given abilities to manage my own challenge. I figured out how to solve the problem, in part because of ideas that came to me after that nature walk. God’s work in nature shows us examples of what is possible as we do our own work, using the talents that God has given us.

Our Creator has filled nature with examples of his creativity at work. We reflect God’s image by being creative ourselves. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who famously designed buildings to complement the natural landscape, once remarked, “I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.”

Many of history’s greatest inventions happened after human inventors studied wildlife that God first invented in nature. These include: energy grids (bee hives), sonar (dolphins and bats), airplanes (birds), submarines (whales), light bulbs (fireflies), suction cups (octopus), injection needles (mosquitos), and adhesives (geckos).

No matter what type of work you do, you can find inspiration from enjoying nature’s wonders. Fresh ideas for your work can come whenever you go outdoors among God’s work. The nature chapter in Wake Up to Wonder can help you discover fresh ways of connecting with awe-inspiring ideas outside.


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