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Live with Purpose (and Your Guardian Angel's Help)

If you’re alive, God has an important purpose for your life. Every new day contains fresh opportunities to fulfill that purpose. You don’t need to worry about going through a complicated or confusing process to pursue your purpose. God has made the process simple. Everyone’s purpose in this world is ultimately about love. As you simply do your best to give and receive love, God’s purpose for your life will naturally unfold – and you’ll experience wonder along the way. In this new year, God will bring you plenty of opportunities to speak and act with love. Choose to see every day you wake up as a gift from God, for you to open and experience with love.

I learned how quickly we can lose the gift of life – and how far God will go to help us keep it if it’s not our time to die – when I was almost run over by a car. During a summer camp when I was 10 years old, I wasn’t paying attention to traffic when I crossed a street. A car sped straight in my direction, and by the time I noticed it, the car was only inches from me. I heard the voices of my camp counselors and other kids screaming, but it was too late for me to react. The car was much too close for there to be time to move out of the way. Suddenly, time seemed to stop. Everything around me briefly froze. The car stopped moving forward and the screams stopped, as well. I felt myself lifted up in one moment, and in the next moment I found myself on the other side of the street, standing safely on a sidewalk.

Apparently, God directed my guardian angel to rescue me. There’s no other explanation that makes sense. All the people who watched it happen were in awe that I could somehow move from the middle of the street to the sidewalk in a split second, without anyone seeing me run or walk there. They said that, just as the car was about to hit me in the street, I simply appeared on the sidewalk. I’ll never forget the wondrous sense of being lifted when I thought my life was over. I couldn’t see who did the lifting, but I felt a strong sense of love while it was happening.

Celebrate your own gift of life this year! The “Live with Purpose” chapter in Wake Up to Wonder can help you do so. Thank you for connecting with me. Looking forward to pursuing wonder together in 2022!




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