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The Wonder of Dreams: Healing

Dreams can help you heal from past pain by helping you connect with God’s wonder. Healing dreams have the power to reach your heart as well as your mind – inspiring you with awe in ways that heal your soul. Here’s how to pursue healing through dreams and interpret the meaning of healing dreams as you pray about them.

Wake Up to Wonder describes various ways that God may reach out to you through dreams with awe-inspiring messages, including to help you heal. An example I share in the book involves the famous adventurer Bear Grylls, who broke his back in a skydiving accident. Grylls experienced a series of healing dreams over a period of 18 months. While he was recovering physically through medical care, he recovered emotionally through his dreams, in which he dreamed of falling over and over again until he reached a place of peace about what had happened. God worked through those dreams to help Grylls regain his courage and start boldly exploring the world again.

I’ve also experienced emotional healing through my dreams. In the past, I struggled with anxiety (plus guilt about feeling anxious, since I knew that worrying wasn’t good spiritually). One of the most powerful ways I experienced healing for that was through my dreams. I think the reason why healing dreams were so effective for me to overcome worrying is that dreams bypassed my tendency to overthink and spoke directly to my emotions. That heart-based approach helped me receive God’s healing without blocking it through too much analytical skepticism. By sending me peace through healing dreams, God helped me absorb it fully into my soul.

What would you like healing for right now? Here are 4 key tips for pursuing healing through your dreams:

  • Say a bedtime prayer asking God for healing: Just before you go to bed, pray about the specific type of healing you need. Invite God to send you healing through your dreams after you go to sleep. Set an intention to open your heart and mind to whatever dream messages God may send you.

  • Record whatever dream details you can remember when you wake up: As soon as you wake up in the morning, record any details you recall from the dreams you just experienced. You may write them down in a dream journal (or simply on a notepad), type them into your phone, speak them into an audio recorder, or any other method that works well for you.

  • Interpret the meaning of your dreams: Reflect on the dream details that you have recorded. Are there any symbols you notice? If so, look up what universal meaning they have, and consider what personal meaning they have in your life. What patterns do you see emerging from the details of your dreams? Connect the dots by praying about the details all together and seeing if they tell you a story about God’s healing path for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you interpret your dreams.

  • Take action on what you’ve learned through your dream: When God speaks through dreams, he calls you to respond to those messages with some kind of action. Don’t delay acting on whatever healing guidance God gave you in your dreams. How have you been inspired to take the next steps in your healing journey? Should you reach out to a friend, doctor, or counselor? Do you need to start journaling or join a support group? Is there someone who God is calling you to forgive, or someone you should ask to forgive you? Whatever you sense God leading you to do, do so as soon as possible.

Dreams can be useful tools to help you heal from any type of pain. Whether God speaks to you directly through your dreams, or the Holy Spirit counsels you indirectly as you process your thoughts and emotions during dreams, you can make healing progress.


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