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Investigate Mysteries to Discover Wonder

Mysteries are fun to explore, and in the process of investigating them, we can discover wonder and even miracles. This month, the U.S. government is due to release a UFO report that is sparking people's curiosity even before the report is ready. I've previously dismissed UFOs as lacking credibility, but ever since taking the UFO tour I describe in Wake Up to Wonder, I've been inspired to learn more about them. Lifelong learning is an important part of living a life of wonder, so I'm trying to learn about UFOs with both openness and wisdom.

My latest blog post The Wonder of UFOs tackles this topic, and so does my latest article What Can the Bible Tell Us about Mysteries Like Aliens and UFOs?. Hope you enjoy them and discuss them with your friends and family.Those conversations can be fascinating!

June is also an excellent month to enjoy some awe-inspiring stargazing. The blog post Look Upward for Hope discusses that. You can ponder mysteries like UFOs while enjoying the evening sky, or simply give thanks that “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1).

Wake Up to Wonder explores many different kinds of mysteries: angels, messages from heaven, UFOs, crop circles, and more. My article What Exploring Mysteries Can Show You about God can help you use what you learn from mysteries to move closer to God.

Here are two additional articles to spark wonder in your soul this month:

This month, enjoy exploring some mysteries that inspire you!




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