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Gardening and Wonder

Our souls work like a garden does. Whatever thoughts and feelings we nurture there will grow into attitudes and actions that move our lives forward in certain directions. Along the way, gardening can lead us to wonder.

This month, my family and I are preparing the soil in our backyard to expand our garden. We're digging up some grass and a top layer of our clay soil to make room for planting something new. We're clearing away debris. We're spreading fertilizer to enrich the ground with more nutrients. Soon, we'll start planting strawberries and potatoes, and then move on to tomatoes, zucchini, and more. By working to prepare our soil before planting, we can increase the likelihood of seeing our garden grow well.

We can prepare the "soil" of our souls to grow in ways that move us closer to God, our Master Gardener. This is an ongoing process, since we can always grow closer to God. But it's especially good to focus on during Lent this month, to prepare for celebrating Easter next month. We can dig up negativity through confession and repentance. We can clear away debris by changing bad habits to good ones through the Holy Spirit's help, as I describe how to do in Wake Up to Wonder. We can enrich the ground of our souls by accepting God's forgiveness and seeking more of God's love and wisdom to grow.

Here are some articles to spark wonder in your soul this month:

* "Famous Quotes on Gardening and Well-Being" - Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

This month, prepare the soil of your soul to grow closer to our God of wonder!


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