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Find Wonder in Every Step While Hiking

Hiking can lead us to wonder with every step. On hikes, we can explore nature, reflect on our paths through life, and become more aware of the God who walks with us.

This month, my family and I have enjoyed some weekend hikes together. The weather surprised us on our most recent hike, where we walked on grassy trails sprinkled with bright yellow buttercup flowers. It was a calm, sunny day when we first headed out. Later on, though, the gentle breeze became a strong wind. It rippled through the fields around us, making every blade of grass wave, as if the fields were dancing. Gray clouds moved across the sky toward us, and sprinkles of rain began to fall as we turned around to hike back to our car. Along the way, the clouds unleashed a shower on us. The changing circumstances didn’t disappoint me, though, since I sensed God’s presence with us. It was actually exhilarating to experience the spontaneous weather change. Immersed in nature, I found wonder everywhere – in both “good” and “bad” weather conditions. Experiencing it all, moment by moment, felt like a gift.

I hope you and your loved ones can enjoy some hikes this month. You can turn every hike into a wonder walk! As I describe in Wake Up to Wonder, a wonder walk is a break you can take for the purpose of intentionally looking for awe as you walk. On a hiking trail, you can find wonder anytime you’re looking for it – no matter what the weather is like.

Here are some articles to spark wonder in your soul this month:

This month, take a hike and make it a wonder walk to remember!




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