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Let Your Mind Bloom with Wonder

Feeling awe expands our perspective so we can see the possibilities in our lives. Just like buds burst open into flowers, our minds can bloom when we encounter wonder.

In April, my home state of Virginia turns into a wonderland as flowering trees bloom. The branches of our state trees – dogwoods – fill up with either white or pink flowers. Delicate cherry blossoms and large saucer magnolia flowers add to the beauty. Every year when the trees flower, I feel a surge of hope. That’s especially true this year, as we’re coming out of a pandemic winter and entering spring, the classic season of renewal.

This is also the season of Easter, which is the ultimate story of hope, thanks to the wonder of the Resurrection.

When you see flowers blooming this April, let them remind you that wonder is always around you, waiting to be discovered. In the process of discovering wonder, you can also discover hope.

Here are some articles to spark wonder in your soul this month:

This month, let wonder lead you to our God of hope.




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