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Discover Wonder from the Summer Olympics

July is an ideal month to enjoy summer fun: from wonder walks by day, to fireworks and fireflies at night. This July is especially wonderful, because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the Summer Olympics.

During the Olympic Games, I’ll feature some Olympic-themed blogs. My article “5 Ways to See God’s Wonder through the Olympics” can help you look forward to the awe you can experience from watching the summer games. The Olympics spotlight the global human family that God has wonderfully made, as athletes from around the world gather with goodwill. The Olympics also highlight the wonder that can happen when God’s people use their time and talents well. In Wake Up to Wonder, I tell a story about the Olympic flame in the chapter about time – and the power of wonder to actually change our perspective on time. The Olympics display the wonder of how faith in God inspires people to overcome fear, as many athletes trust God through their journeys of taking risks and doing their best in high-stakes competitions. The Olympics show us the wondrous power of God’s grace at work in each moment, as Olympians pursue strength and peace, win or lose. Finally, the Olympics reveal the wonderful benefits of staying focused on our purpose and persevering with trust in God in our own “race” of faith. These "21 Motivating Sports Bible Verses for Athletes" can inspire you to run the race of faith with strength, discovering wonder along the way.

July offers us many opportunities to enjoy time outside in nature. I’ll be continuing the series of nature blogs throughout the summer, both before and after the Olympics. Hope you enjoy Simple Ways to Discover Wonder in Nature” from Thrive and “5 Ways Nature Reveals the Wonder of God’s Character” from, as well. I’ll be thinking of you all with gratitude as I take summer wonder walks. Whether you’re at a beach, in the mountains, or simply in your own backyard, I hope you'll discover many awe-inspiring moments outside.

This month, make time for summer fun and celebrate the wonder you discover as a result!




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